Tserovani: from settlement to town

Second article published at the Observatori about the Georgian IDP settlement of Tserovani. The settlement is located 22km from Didube’s bus and metro station in northwest Tbilisi. Buses leave almost every hour and prices are around 30 cents… Read More

Along the barbed wire, the desire for recovery – the socio-economic challenges of Ergneti

Ergneti is one of the numerous villages located next to the administrative boundary line (ABL), the demarcation between Georgia and Tskhinvali region or South Ossetia. Following the Georgia-Russia War in August 2008, barbed wire fences wereinstalled on the… Read More

Noncitizens of Latvia (II): deniezenship or statelessness?

The 21st of July 1940, marks the 77th anniversary of the creation of the Latvian Socialist Soviet Republic. More than fifty years of Soviet domination had severe socio-economic and cultural repercussions for Latvians but also for those ethnic… Read More

Noncitizens of Latvia (I): The origins of the issue

This June 17th marked the 77th anniversary of the Soviet Union occupation of the Republic of Latvia, and followed the anniversary of the creation of the Latvian Socialist Soviet Republic on the 21st of July 1940. More than… Read More

ISIS attacks in Tehran could plunge the Middle East into greater turmoil

Author: Mohammadbagher Forough Iran experienced its first major ISIS attack on June 7, as armed men and suicide bombers targeted two symbols of the Islamic Republic in Tehran: Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini’s mausoleum and the Iranian parliament. At least… Read More

Interview with Richard Giragosian about Nagorno Karabakh war

Last year in April the conflict of Nagorno Karabakh, which in fact is a war that started in the eighties and is still ongoing, suffered the major escalation after the ceasefire agreement in 1994. This is an interview… Read More

Tserovani settlement in Georgia, uncertainty and nostalgia

On April 9 the authorities of South Ossetia held a referendum to change the name of the de facto Republic. The President Leonid Tibilov wanted along with the presidential election to ask the people that remained in the… Read More

Lo que no vemos detrás de la purga de Erdogan: desenfoques occidentales

Para muchos en Turquía, el público occidental no entiende el peligro que la comunidad Gülen representa. Las críticas a Erdogan y a sus desproporcionadas purgas no dejan ver la realidad que puede haber detrás. La comunidad Gülen ha… Read More

Golpe de Estado en Turquía, golpe de suerte para Erdogan

El mayor desafío a la Turquía de Erdogan puede convertirse, paradójicamente, en el mayor regalo a Erdogan. Tras el fallido golpe de estado, las divisiones dentro de Turquía ya son más que obvias, como también són evidentes las… Read More

A note on the European Dream

If you want to make your dreams become true, wake up! This phrase of the Chinese philosopher Lao-tsu has proved its value as a source of wisdom for countless calendar mottos until now. Besides its overextended use in… Read More