What do we do

We educate: we believe that education is the main driver of social transformation, whatever the age of the learner.

  • International training courses: We organise international training courses through the Erasmus+ programme with the aim of empowering young people to play a more active role in their community. Issues discussed include a culture of peace, participation in politics and intercultural dialogue, using experience-based methods based on informal education and intercultural dialogue. Activities in schools: We organise workshops and activities in educational centres on a primary and secondary level about a culture of peace, human rights and political participation, as well as socio-political topics concerning Eastern Europe and Central Asia. We believe that all these topics complement each other well and that it is necessary to discuss them holistically.

We debate: we believe in debate as a way of sharing different ideas and of learning from one another.

  • Birragòrica: a space for discussion and debate open to all those who wish to engage with Isagoria’s topics of interest. We organise frequent meetings with a specific topic to debate while sharing a beer.

We observe and we share: we believe that a knowledge of current issues is necessary to be able to act and have an influence on what is happening around us. Based on this principle we observe social and political affairs and we share the results of these observations.

  • The Observatory: a digital platform following current affairs in Eastern Europe, the ex-Soviet Union and nearby conflict zones with a connection to these countries. Its analytical and educational objectives are based on democracy and a culture of peace, in line with the topics on which the organisation focuses.

We volunteer: we believe that volunteering is a manner of taking part directly in issues concerning society, being a powerful tool for social transformation and in the development of the volunteers themselves.

  • European Voluntary Service (EVS): Isagoria has been accredited until 2020 as an organisation responsible for sending and coordinating volunteers to participate in the European Voluntary Service. Through this scheme, volunteers can take part in projects created by Isagoria or by Isagoria’s partner organisations.
  • Volunteering with Isagoria: Participation in the development and the implementation of different projects on a local and/or international level organised by us.