Tserovani: from settlement to town

Second article published at the Observatori about the Georgian IDP settlement of Tserovani. The settlement is located 22km from Didube’s bus and metro station in northwest Tbilisi. Buses leave almost every hour and prices are around 30 cents… Read More

Along the barbed wire, the desire for recovery – the socio-economic challenges of Ergneti

Ergneti is one of the numerous villages located next to the administrative boundary line (ABL), the demarcation between Georgia and Tskhinvali region or South Ossetia. Following the Georgia-Russia War in August 2008, barbed wire fences wereinstalled on the… Read More

La Hungría de Orbán

Hungría se está convirtiendo en un país restrictivo para con los refugiados. El Primer Ministro Viktor Orbán ha convocado recientemente un referendum acerca de la situación que vive el país debido a la gran presencia de refugiados mientras… Read More