Isagoria’ is an Ancient Greek term referring to the equality of all participants in freedom of speech. With the name therefore being a declaration of intent, Isagoria Associació is an association working to share the culture of peace and improving democracy through social transformation and intercultural dialogue.

Based at the Hotel d’Associacions at the University of Barcelona, we focus on Eastern Europe and the ex-Soviet Union. We believe that closer links need to be fostered between civil society actors in these countries and Western Europe, given the potential for reciprocal democratisation. We believe in the need for a two-way flux of people, associations and knowledge between Catalonia and the regions with which the association works.

Formed initially by International Relations students from various universities, as well as social activists, Isagoria is open to all those interested in building a more egalitarian, inclusive and democratic society, and are interested in Eastern Europe and the ex-Soviet Union in general.

As members of civil society, we believe that the best way of achieving these objectives are by acting transversally, bringing together complementary elements such as education, volunteering, research, activism and intercultural dialogue.